Hunters Ridge Text Alert System Introduced

In a letter sent to Hunters Ridge residents the week of May 16, 2016, a new text message alert system was introduced. The purpose of this 100% voluntary system is to enhance communications within Hunters Ridge related to issues ranging from reported (already reported to the authorities) crime to cancellation of HOA events and other community-related matters. Interested in learning more? Download the introductory letter and sign-up form found under the “Documents” tab.  Interested in signing up online? Go to .

Shingle Replacement

The recent hail storm on Monday, May 2nd, is requiring many Hunters Ridge residents to replace their shingles. Please be advised that any change in color of the replacement shingles requires HOA approval prior to any contractor installation.  The homeowner, not the contractor, is responsible  for submitting this request, along with a sample shingle, to the HOA for approval.  Please allow 5 days for this HOA review. If the shingles are being replaced with the identical color, HOA approval is not required. Also, a change from a flat shingle to an “architectural” shingle does not require approval so long as the color remains identical to the shingles being replaced.

Contractor Signs

With the recent hail storm on Monday, May 2nd, the community has been busy with contractors offering their roofing services. These contractors are generally unaware of the Hunters Ridge Covenants which prohibit the posting of any signs advertising their services. Once a contract is signed for their services they are very quick to place a sign in your front yard. Please advice them against this practice. These signs will be removed and discarded by the HOA without notice or warning as they are an eyesore on the entire community.  These Covenants apply to any contractor signs, not just roofers.